Stabsstelle Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Veranstaltungsmanagement

Public relations and event management

The Public Relations and Event Management Team has a wide range of responsibilities. The services provided are directed at Med Uni Graz staff and students as well as an external audience such as media representatives and event organizers.

Communication on different platforms

We exploit different platforms and opportunities to provide information about news from research, studies and campus life at Med Uni Graz.


Whether classic press releases, our news magazine MEDitio, a range of informational brochures, various social media platforms, podcasts or videos: Internal and external communication is high on our list of priorities at Med Uni Graz. Discover our different platforms and become better acquainted with Med Uni Graz.


The university in images

Our collection of images includes a range that reflect the different areas of Med Uni Graz. They may be used free of charge for reporting purposes as long as "Med Uni Graz" is cited as the source of the image.

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Events for the entire family

"Science up close and personal" is the motto of our events. We aim to put together diverse programs for different target groups.


From large events to inaugural lectures to university ceremonies, a wide variety of events occur at our university throughout the year and increase the enthusiasm of the general public for science and research.



Our MEDshop offers a good selection of merchandise with a Med Uni Graz design. From practical daily helpers to beautiful gift ideas, there is much to discover in our range of products. It is definitely worth a visit.

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Corporate Design

A uniform, consistent corporate design is part of the "Med Uni Graz" brand and represents the university to the outside world. Some of the main points of this uniform appearance are the correct use of the logo, the color scheme and the use of standard fonts.

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Gerald Auer 
T: +43 316 385 72023
Gerald Auer


Sylvia Gollner 
T: +43 316 385 72014
Sylvia Gollner

We have answers to your questions

Media services, interview requests, filming permits, cooperations

Social Media, MEDitio

  • Victoria Zotter

PR events, MEDshop

  • Sarah Zwanzger
  • Sabine Rockenschaub

Corporate design, informational brochures, web administration

  • Verena Maidl

Web editors

  • Gerald Auer
  • Sylvia Gollner
  • Verena Maidl
  • Victoria Zotter