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From a practical travel umbrella to handcrafted chocolate to a charger/data cable for mobile devices: the MEDshop has a hand-picked selection of quality goods with Med Uni designs. These items make great gifts for Med Uni Graz cooperation partners, guests, colleagues and friends.

Make a statement with this useful cloth tote bag. Whether for grocery shopping or heavy books from the university library, this cloth tote bag is not fussy and will expand to fit anything.
Price: € 2,00
Med Uni paper bags with cord handles are available in two different sizes. Our tip: The bags are perfect for safely and stylishly transporting Med Uni merchandise. 
Price according to size: € 1,00 / € 1,50
Is your smartphone battery dead again but your charging cable is at home? Not a problem if you have one of our handy charger/data cable keychains. Plug one end of the cable into the charging port of your smartphone and the USB end into the USB port of your laptop and the electricity will flow. It's that easy!
Price: € 5,00 
We all know the situation. No sooner are we introduced to a person than we forget his or her name. That wouldn't be the case if the person had worn a Med Uni lanyard with a nametag in a plastic sleeve attached by a snap hook. Sling it around your neck and be easily identified! 
Price: € 2,00
If you believe the statistics, the mobile phone is the most commonly lost item. We would like to correct this statistic: Med Uni pins are lost even more frequently. We have taken precautions and always keep a large supply on hand. Our tip: Buy several at a time.
Price: € 1,00
Had enough of business cards getting ragged in your wallet? We understand that all too well. Our stable aluminum case will remedy the situation fast. No more sloppy looking business cards!
Price: € 5,00
Raindrops WON’T keep falling on your head with our Med Uni travel umbrella. The uniquely shaped bright green umbrella opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button. It comes in a protective sleeve that is the same color. The material dries quickly and the umbrella is windproof.
Price: € 15,00
Are there days when you can't drink enough coffee? Maybe it will help if you drink your favorite hot beverage out of a stylish, high-quality ceramic mug with a Med Uni design. 
Price: € 4,00
If a kiss doesn't make it better, it's time to use our first aid kit, which contains: 1 elastic gauze bandage, 4 skin cleaning swabs, 12 waterproof plasters, 2 dry wipes, 2 burn dressings.
Price: € 3,00
With cardiac pressure massage to the rhythm of "Ah, ha, ha, ha stayin' alive, stayin' alive" and our disposable emergency resuscitation face shield, you are well prepared for any emergency. Apply skills learned in a first aid course immediately without any risk of contamination or inhibition. The face shield is on a keychain so you always have it with you.
Price: € 2,00


Do you need a tie for an event or are you searching for the perfect gift? Our tie is just the right thing. Made of 100% silk and in light green/dark green, white and dark blue, it jazzes up any outfit.
Price: € 29,00
If there is a silk tie in the MEDshop, a high-quality silk scarf must be available too. Our 100% silk scarf is covered in a green paisley print.
Price: € 29,00
Will our t-shirts be spotted at Milan Fashion Week? Probably not. But will you see them on the Med Uni campus or at one of its events? That’s more likely. The black unisex short-sleeve shirt is made of 100% cotton. The front has Med Uni Graz printed in green and white and the back displays "" in white.
Price: € 9,00

Sizes: S M L XL XXL
Price: € 25,00
Calling all chocolate lovers: Let 3 different varieties of handcrafted chocolate (70g) sweeten your day at university/work. They are pretty to look at too. The following flavors are available: hazelnut, nougat, apricot marzipan. A tip for gourmets: Let the chocolate melt on your tongue and inhale through your mouth for a more intensive chocolate taste!
Price: € 3,00
As they say, "in vino veritas." What better way to communicate a heartfelt "Thank you" or "Congratulations" than with one of our Sauvignon Blanc or Zweigelt wines? 
Price: € 10,00
Our Med Uni pen scores a perfect ten out of ten points. It fits your hand perfectly, and as the tip glides across the paper, writing is a pure joy. It seems as if the blue ink appears on the paper all by itself.
Price: € 0,70
As with our pens, it's a pleasure to write with our high-quality pencils. The eraser makes mistakes both large and small a thing of the past.
Price: € 0,50
Our smart DIN A4 squared notebook is the perfect accessory for all writers and has 96 pages to fill with notes of all kinds.
Price: € 5,00
My pencil, my pen, my notepad. Our DIN A4 30 page notepad is ready and waiting. Good news: The pages with holes are easily organized.
Price: € 0,80
It doesn't matter what you save to our USB flash drive—it stores all files, large or small. Our white/green/silver leather USB flash drive with 8 GB storage might not be enough for your specific needs. That's why we offer a 32 BG upgrade for larger amounts of data.
Price: € 6,00
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